Mentor/Mentee Program

Thank you for your interest in the 2019 ADEA Allied Dental Program Directors’ Conference (ADEA ADPDC) Mentor/Mentee Program! 


We are thrilled to offer the Mentor/Mentee program again at the ADEA Allied Dental Program Directors Conference (ADEA ADPDC) and we highly value your participation. It is our vision to provide a positive and welcoming experience to all ADEA ADPDC attendees. As an ADEA ADPDC veteran, you possess distinct knowledge regarding the conference that a first-time attendee can truly benefit from and because of your veteran status you are an integral role in this program.


The 2019 ADEA Allied Dental Program Directors’ Conference (ADEA ADPDC) Mentor/Mentee Program will bring experienced ADEA members and ADEA ADPDC veterans (mentors) together with first-time ADEA ADPDC attendees (mentees) in mutually beneficial partnerships.

What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is a learning and a teaching process. The mentor/mentee relationship is one of mutual empowerment and respect. By strict definition, mentoring is a professional relationship in which an experienced person (the mentor) assists another (the mentee) in developing specific skills and knowledge that will enhance the less-experienced person’s professional and personal growth.

The three goals of the 2019 ADEA ADPDC Mentor/Mentee Program are to:

  1. Share and gain knowledge from peers.
  2. Add value to your ADEA membership.
  3. Offer ways to achieve professional and leadership growth.

The 2019 ADEA ADPDC Mentor/Mentee Program is not:

  • A job interview or a promise of a future job.
  • An on-the-job training program.
  • An evaluation of the mentee’s professional experience or performance. 


May 10  ADEA notifies mentors of acceptance.
May 17 ADEA notifies mentors and mentees of matches. 
May 21 - 25 Mentors and mentees make contact by email.
June 1 - 4 2019 ADEA ADPDC in Tampa, Florida.
June 1 Mentors and mentees connect as mutually decided upon throughout the conference.
June 2019 Mentors complete post-ADPDC contact with mentees.



  • Make contact with your mentee by email before the 2019 ADEA ADPDC.
    • Introduce yourself via an information email template provided by ADEA.
    • Share professional information.
    • Remind mentees to bring (at least 20) business cards.
  • Be available to your mentee during the 2019 ADEA ADPDC.
    • Check-in at the Mentor/Mentee Welcome Table at the hotel. 
    • Help your mentee meet at least three new people at the ADEA ADPDC.
  • Contact your mentee at least once after the 2019 ADEA ADPDC by email or phone.
    • Encourage your mentee to send follow-up emails to at least three new people they met during the ADEA ADPDC. This could include a presenter, a colleague from the mentee’s geographic area, or another mentee to share impressions of the ADEA ADPDC.
    • Prompt your mentee to complete the online ADEA ADPDC evaluation.


  • Your assigned mentor will contact you by email prior to the 2019 ADPDC. (If your mentor has not contacted you by May 27, please contact Rebecca Stolberg at
  • Meet with your mentor during the 2019 ADPDC.
    - Attend the ADEA ADPDC Welcome Lunch Saturday, June 1 from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and sit at the table labeled with your mentor’s name.

***For more detailed information, please refer to your email from Rebecca Stolberg and the Mentor/Mentee Program Handout***  

It is understood that a mentor is attending the ADPDC for his or her own benefit. Full-time mentoring is not expected. A mentee should be encouraged to make his or her own way and to meet up with other mentees. This is another way for mentees to create a personal network.