Call for Nominations

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The 2022 Gies Awards Celebration was held in person and online in conjunction with the 2022 ADEA Annual Session & Exhibition.  

We were pleased to have so many join us to honor the legacy of Dr. Gies, promote the work of future-ready leaders and celebrate the innovation and achievement of visionaries in our community.

The William J. Gies Awards for Vision, Innovation and Achievement will be on hiatus in 2023 as we help celebrate ADEA's centennial, but will return in 2025.

The ADEAGies Foundation® thanks everyone who has nominated individuals and organizations that exemplify the highest standards of vision, innovation and achievement in oral health and dental education.

Learn about the individuals and organizations who have been honored over the years in the Hall of Awardees.

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  • The completed entry form submitted online.
  • The category and classification for which an individual or organization is being nominated (choose only one category per nomination).
  • The nominee’s full name, including designations and classifications.
  • The nominee’s contact information and submitting body’s contact information (please include business addresses, telephone numbers and emails).
  • An executive summary, up to two pages, outlining the nominee’s contributions to and support of oral health and dental education, corresponding with the definitions provided in the “Categories” section for Vision, Innovation or Achievement.
  • A letter of nomination, up to one page, explaining why you are nominating the person or organization and what distinguishes that nominee as a potential Gies Award winner. Only individuals in charge of submissions may provide a letter of nomination; no other recommendation letters should be included.
  • Any supplemental materials* documenting the nominee’s program or service, including samples, planning documents, videos (or links to published videos), marketing or promotional materials.
    *All supplemental materials must be submitted in a digital format.


If no nominee meets the eligibility requirements or standards for an award, the award may not be given. Each finalist selected may be asked to provide additional information and must be willing to accept the award virtually.


Vision icon VISION
Programs, institutions and educators articulating the pursuit of contemporary ideas or a set of ideals, perspectives or solutions to create broader meaning for the dental profession and effectively bridge the present to the future of oral health. 
Innovation icon 

Programs, institutions and educators facilitating the creation, exchange, evolution and application of ideas that bring new value to our profession or industry and enhance oral health through dental education. 

Achievement icon  ACHIEVEMENT
Programs, institutions and educators achieving socially commendable actions that make a substantial contribution to oral health and dental education. 


An educational institution granting academic degrees or certification in predoctoral, allied or advanced dental education.
Dental Educator icon DENTAL EDUCATOR
An instructor or administrator in any predoctoral, allied or advanced dental education program.
Pub or Private partner icon PUBLIC OR PRIVATE PARTNER
An individual, corporate, nonprofit or governmental entity with a dental, educational, public service or consumer mission working toward common goals in oral health or dental education.