ADEA Staff Directory


Name Title Contact
Karen P. West, D.M.D., M.P.H. President and CEO
Sonya Smith, Ed.D., J.D., M.Ed., M.A. Chief of Staff
(202) 513-1171
Gülsün Gül, D.D.S., M.B.A., M.P.H., M.S. Chief, Innovation, Clinical Education and Public Health
(202) 513-1169
Tracy Beale  Senior Manager, Member Engagement and Council of Deans
(202) 513-1195
Julie Boynton, M.S., SPHR, SHRM-SCP Senior Vice President, Human Resources
(202) 513-1163
Yiqun (Ann) Chen Data Analyst
202) 238-3945
 Alysha Davis, M.P.M. Senior Program Manager, Strategic Initiatives and Programs
(202) 849-4150
Yolanda Lee Senior Vice President, Corporate Relations
(202) 513-1164
Linda D. Mabrey Executive Assistant to the President and CEO, Director, Special Projects
(202) 513-1182
Dheemanth (Dhee) Manjunath Program Manager
(202) 238-3943
Jennifer Phillips Senior Manager, Corporate Relations
(202) 513-1196
Marsha A. Pyle, D.D.S., M.Ed. Senior Scholar in Residence
(202) 962-9117
Brian Robinson Manager for Governance
(202) 513-1162
Chelsea Skovran, M.P.A. Senior Administrative Associate
(202) 289-7315
Jeffery Stewart, D.D.S., M.S. ADEA Parliamentarian/ ADEA Staff Ombuds
(202) 238-3997
Erin Sigmon Senior Manager, Allied Dental Education
(202) 849-4193 
Rebecca Stolberg, RDH, M.S. Vice President, Allied Dental Education and Faculty Development
(202) 238-3946
Suyapa Velasquez, M.S. Director, Human Resources Operations and Systems
(202) 289-7396


Name Title Contact
Angelo Lee, M.Ed. Chief Diversity Officer
(202) 962-9112
 Sara Bendoraitis, M.S. Director, Diversity, Equity and Inclusive Learning
(202) 962-9111 
 Adoula Biar, M.P.A. Program Manager
(202) 238-3944 
 Shelvia English, Ph.D. Senior Director, Access, Diversity and Inclusion
(202) 289-7390
Kristen Wong, Ed.D., M.A. Director, Inclusive Programs and Services
(202) 962-9107


Name Title Contact
B. Timothy Leeth, CPA Chief Advocacy Officer
(202) 289-8172
Bridgette Dehart, J.D. Director of Federal Government Relations
(202) 513-1197
Dheemanth (Dhee) Manjunath Program Manager
(202) 238-3943
Phillip Mauller, M.P.S. Senior Director, State Relations and Advocacy
(202) 849-4152


Name Title Contact
Tom Quash, CAE Chief Communications and Marketing Officer
(202) 238-3941
Kellie Bove, CAE Vice President of Marketing and Branding
(202) 513-1172
Cindy Cha Senior Manager, Web Design and Digital Experience
(202) 289-7385
Angela Colonna, M.S. Senior Communications Manager
(202) 289-6759
Raheem Dawodu Digital Marketing and Community Manager
(202) 962-9119
Susan Kimner Director of Publishing
(202) 513-1173  
Jennifer Mercurio Marketing and Communications Manager
(202) 289-6785  
Alex Prescott Publications and Membership Manager
(202) 962-9113
Kamilah Spratt Director, Marketing and Multimedia
(202) 289-2654
LaShell Stratton-Childers Senior Editor
(202) 289-6952


Name Title Contact
Carolyn Booker, Ph.D. Chief of Educational Services
(202) 513-1183
Curtis Burrill II, M.Ed. Senior Director, Recruitment and Outreach for Dental Education
(202) 513-1187 
Emilia Istrate, Ph.D., MAIS Senior Vice President of Policy and Education Research
(202) 849-4207
Chonté James Director of the Predoctoral Application Service
(202) 513-1184
Elizabeth Johnson, M.S. Director of Recruitment for ADEA Application Services
(202) 962-9108
Yolanda R. Jones Director, Advanced Dental Education Application Service
(202) 513-1190
Kirke Lawton, M.A. Senior Director, Data Analytics
(202) 513-1170
Jessica O’Keefe, M.Ed. Senior Manager, Enrollment Technology and Outreach
(202) 513-1179
Leslie J. Payne Manager, ADEA Allied Application Service
(202) 962-9109
Emily Rhineberger, M.A. Vice President of Centralized Application Services Operations
(202) 513-1189
Pradeep Singh, Ph.D. Senior Research Analyst
(202) 849-4208
Lu Wang, M.Ed. Senior Data Analyst for Strategic Enrollment Services
(202) 238-3940


Name Title Email
Chris Carr, CPA Chief Financial Officer
(202) 513-1198
Cassandra Allen Receptionist
(202) 513-1168
Shannon Dixon Facilities Associate
(202) 513-1176 
Kevin Hawkins Operations Services Associate
(202) 962-9103
Lelah Mahadiow, M.S. Senior Accounting Manager
(202) 849-4151
Oliver B. Murdock Jr., CAP-OM Manager, Finance and Grant Administration
(202) 513-1161
Lisa Proctor, M.B.A. Senior Director, Finance
(202) 289-8745


Name Title Contact
Satyan Ramanna, M.S., M.B.A. Senior Director, Information Technology and Web Services
(202) 962-9105
Bryan Aldridge Senior Manager of Information Technology
(202) 962-9106
Sean Carter, CAPM Senior Application Manager
(202) 962-9115
Carolyn S. Vincent, CAE Director, Online Community and Web Services
(202) 513-1191 


Name Title Email
Sheila Brear, BDS Chief Learning Officer
(202) 513-1167
Renée Latimer, M.B.A. Senior Director, Professional Development and Educational Technology
(202) 513-1185
Eric T. Lund, M.A. Professional Development Manager
(202) 513-1188
Sasha Spruill, M.P.A. Senior Analyst
(202) 238-3947
Melissa Stokely, M.S. Ed. Manager of Educational Programs
(202) 868-4843
McKayla Theisen Director, Professional Development
(202) 289-7461


Name Title Email
Krisa Haggins, M.B.A., CMP, CEM Chief of Meetings, Conferences and Educational Technology
(202) 289-7320
Aby Barry Program Associate
(202) 513-1199
Kelli Bland, CMP Vice President, Meetings, Conferences and Education Technology
(202) 513-1181
Donna Casimier Meetings Manager
(202) 238-3992
Nirah Forman

Senior Director, Meetings, Conferences and Educational Technology
(202) 289-6824
Shalonda M. King Senior Manager, Meetings Registration
(202) 513-1177
Gina Koo Meetings Manager
(202) 513-1186
Laura Vannucci Manager, Meetings and Educational Technology
(202) 513-1166