Mission, Priorities, Purpose, and Composition of the ADEA Council of Faculties


The mission of the Council of Faculties is to represent and advocate for faculty. The Council works to promote excellence and collegiality within dental education and the oral health professions.



The primary function of the Council of Faculties is to represent its constituency within the Association and at the member institutions; to recommend to the Board of Directors how the interests of the Council’s constituency might be represented through the federal legislative and regulatory processes; to exchange information among its members, with other ADEA component groups, and among member institutions; to work with other ADEA component groups to encourage coordinated approaches to dental, advanced dental, and allied dental education and health care delivery; to identify and provide consultation on projects, studies, and reports that will benefit the membership; to introduce resolutions to the Board of Directors and House of Delegates; and to meet at the Annual Session & Exhibition.




  • Serving as the primary advocacy group for dental faculty


  • Creating and implementing projects designed to enhance the professional development of faculty


  • Taking an active role in recruiting and retaining dental faculty as individual members of ADEA


  • Facilitating the exchange of information between dental faculty and other ADEA constituents


  • Promoting the scholarship of teaching and learning


  • Implementing Council activities that support attaining ADEA action priorities and strategic directions


  • Recommending changes in ADEA policy and structure when deemed necessary by the Council


 Council Projects


The Council of Faculties works with the following initiatives:


  • SoTLfest (Scholarship of Teaching and Learning activities at the Annual Session & Exhibition)




  • Technology divide between faculty and students


  • Faculty recruitment and development, encouragement of new faculty, and mentoring as a means to support faculty recruitment and retention




The Council of Faculties consists of one faculty member (or an alternate) elected by the faculty of each active and provisional member institution, in addition to any members of the Administrative Board who are no longer in the above category. Members are elected to three-year terms, and approximately one-third of the members are replaced or re-elected annually according to a schedule maintained in the Central Office. The methods of electing members, removing members for cause, and electing new members to fill unexpired terms are left to the discretion of individual member institutions. Each faculty electing or reelecting a member in a given year is required to notify the Central Office of the name of its representative by the January 1 preceding the Annual Session & Exhibition at which the incumbent faculty member’s term ends.




Spring: ADEA Annual Session & Exhibition


Fall: ADEA Interim Meeting


Winter: ADEA Joint Council Administrative Board Meeting