ADEA Chapters for Students, Residents and Fellows

In 2016, the ADEA Board of Directors approved an initiative to encourage and expand the establishment of ADEA Chapters for Students, Residents and Fellows. The primary focus of ADEA chapters is to promote student interest in academic careers.

It is estimated that if about 4% of dental students per year (two to three graduates from each dental school) would choose to go into academia, projected faculty vacancies would disappear. ADEA is committed to developing and increasing the number of ADEA chapters to make sure that dental students are aware that academic careers are an option.

ADEA Chapters for Students, Residents and Fellows: 

  • Promote knowledge of and interest in academic careers.
  • Advance ADEA’s mission, strategic directions, key priorities and initiatives.
  • Promote membership in ADEA.
  • Prepare students, residents and fellows for local and national leadership positions. 

ADEA disseminates an annual Chapter Survey to learn more about existing chapters, including the level of engagement of chapter members, types of activities held, and reasons and detractors for student interest. The survey data provide a baseline to chart progress of the growth of ADEA chapters. By understanding the needs of existing and new chapters, ADEA can provide guidance and facilitate interest in academic careers. 

Based on responses to the 2016 ADEA Chapter Survey and feedback from ADEA Council of Students, Residents and Fellows members, ADEA developed an online ADEA Chapter Toolkit for Students, Residents and Fellows that will serve as a resource for chapter development, organization and student engagement. 

For more information, contact Dr. Shelvia English, Senior Director of Access, Diversity, and Inclusion at