A Self-Directed Journey


Sue Baptiste


Slack Publishers

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This is written for health professionals seeking to develop their understanding of problem-based learning (PBL). The author successfully utilizes the PBL format to teach the concepts in this process. Developed from the perspective of a learner resource, over 30 years of experience, within a PBL environment is brought to the pages of this comprehensive text. While it is necessary to understand the process of PBL, “doing” is the main focus of teaching in this text. This text covers the different steps taken in the PBL process, such as articulating the problem, deciding what is already known, brainstorming ideas, defining a learning plan, researching, synthesizing the knowledge learned, and re-defining further learning needs. Organized specifically as tutorials instead of chapters, the reader is guided through the process of problem-based learning while establishing a foundation for learning. Each tutorial concludes with a synopsis of resources and a descriptive overview of key terminology presented. This insightful text teaches both students and health professionals the valuable lesson of “how” to learn while developing the skills necessary to succeed in their profession.

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