Student Diversity Leadership Program

The ADEA Student Diversity Leadership Program (ADEA SDLP) brings together dental and allied students from across the United States and Canada in support of partnerships for action, dialogue and collaboration at the ADEA Annual Session & Exhibition.

Thank you to the Procter & Gamble Company for their sponsorship of the 2024 ADEA SDLP program.

ADEA SDLP assists participants in the development of leadership skills so that they can better serve as leaders of inclusive excellence within their dental schools and allied programs and engage fully in a culturally competent complex global society. The program is interactive and dental students walk away with individualized leadership plans. These plans assist ADEA SDLP participants in creating goals and accessing resources that allow them to further develop their leadership styles and build upon their strengths.

ADEA SDLP participants explore advocacy and the importance of their voices in helping address the oral healthcare needs of underserved communities. ADEA SDLP also provides programming in developing mentor and sponsor relationships and creating a culture that supports one’s own well-being as a dental professional.

The ADEA SDLP components include:

  • Professional development and learning opportunities for students, offered by the ADEA Access, Diversity and Inclusion portfolio;
  • Active engagement around topics of effective ethical leadership, problem-solving, and developing mentor and sponsor relationships
  • Development of an individualized leadership plan and resources.
  • Exploration of leadership issues related to inclusive excellence, oral health disparities, and serving underresourced communities
  • Avenues for supporting and fostering self-care, balance, and well-being.

The eleventh annual ADEA Student Diversity Leadership Program will take place March 8-9, 2024 during the 2024 ADEA Annual Session & Exhibition in New Orleans, LA.