ADEA Joins Other Higher Education Organizations in Opposing State Restrictions on COVID-19 Public Health Measures

Aug. 16, 2021—The American Dental Education Association (ADEA) is among more than two dozen higher education organizations that have signed onto a joint statement decrying assorted state measures to bar COVID-19 vaccination requirements, surveillance testing and/or mitigation strategies such as masking.

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Organized by the American College Health Association, the joint statement “urges all government officials, who are charged with the responsibility of protecting the public health, to empower colleges and universities to use every available public health tool to protect campuses and neighboring communities from a COVID-19 surge this fall.”

In total, 29 organizations signed the joint statement, which comes at a time when the delta variant is driving up reported cases of COVID-19—overwhelmingly among those who are unvaccinated. Yet, some states are taking actions that either block or restrict the use of evidence-based strategies aimed at preventing and responding to COVID-19 outbreaks on campuses and in surrounding communities.

“State actions that prevent the use of established and effective public health tools at the same time as COVID-19 cases increase is a recipe for disaster,” reads the joint statement.

Last month, ADEA issued a separate statement urging its member institutions and programs to encourage COVID-19 vaccinations.

“ADEA is concerned about the well-being of its members who are providing oral health care every day and implores its members to advocate for COVID-19 vaccination requirements at their institution of learning,” reads the ADEA statement.

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