ADEA PASS Application Instructions

Institution Evaluation Form

Two types of evaluations are required in the ADEA PASS application. Both evaluations must be submitted electronically. The Institution Evaluation Form (IEF) is one. 

The Institution Evaluation Form (also called the dean’s letter) is an evaluation of the applicant completed by the dean of the dental school attended. It is strongly encouraged that the IEF does not reference any program type because it cannot be revised at any time during the application process. Included in the IEF are NBDE scores or results, GPA and class rank (if applicable), an evaluation of ethical behavior and mandatory narrative statement. This electronic evaluation is required for every applicant.

Select dental school attended from the drop-down menu to submit a request to the dental school. If an applicant is unable to locate their dental school within the drop-down list, then the applicant should select “Other.” Next, a valid email from the dean or the dean’s designation must be entered. Contact the dean’s office to obtain this information. An email will be sent to the evaluator with instructions on how to log in and complete this evaluation.

Request for Exception (IEF)

Applicants may submit a request for exception for their IEF under the following circumstances:

* The U.S. or non-U.S. dental school has closed, and the applicant cannot obtain an IEF.

* The applicant attended a non-U.S. dental school and cannot obtain an IEF.

The applicant must provide a reason for being unable to obtain the document. Requesting an exception will waive the requirement for the documents in the ADEA PASS application, but individual programs may still require the document. The request will be processed with the application in lieu of the IEF and distributed electronically to each program designated. ADEA PASS cannot guarantee whether a program will accept the reason given for requesting the exception. The applicant is responsible for inquiring directly with the program whether a request for exception can be used for the IEF.