ADEA PASS: Updates for the 2024-25 Cycle

ADEA PASS opens the second Wed. of May and closes the second Fri. of Feb.   

2024-25 ADEA PASS Enhancements

Applicant Portal

  • DENTPIN question moved to the top of the “Other Information” tile and additional instructional text added. Applicants will be prompted to enter the DENTPIN twice to confirm the number is correct.

  • Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) question added to the Citizenship Information section of the application.
    • Have you applied for and been accepted to DACA
  • Phonetic name field added to allow applicant to enter the URL that will provide the appropriate pronunciation of applicant’s name.

  • Instructional text added to the “Documents” section of the application to help alleviate the issue with applicants uploading incorrect/duplicated documents in this section.

  • Instructional text added to the “Standardized Tests” section of the application to clarify self-reported GRE and TOEFL results reported.

  • Official NBDE results, prior to 2012 when they went pass/fail will no longer be accepted.

  • Field added in the Dental Degree section.
    Required: Enter the name of the parent institution/degree granting institution that awarded your degree.

Applicant Help Center

Full Agreement Statement text will be removed. ADEA is exploring the option of adding the full text on for prospective applicants to review.


  • Remove Paper-based Test (PBT) fields from the Export Manager. ETS no longer reports these scores.
  • Add “Interviewed” as a decision code.
  • Limit TOEFL scores that are reported or carried over to three years.
  • Work group functionality: If you remove access to a panel for a Work Group, the fields in that panel are also not available for the Work Group to see when creating exports, lists, or PDF manager templates.

Configuration Portal (WebAdMIT Prelaunch)

Document types were added to help eliminate using “Other”.

  • ADAT Results o INBDE Results
  • NBDE Pt. 1 Results
  • NBDE Pt. 2 Results
  • TOEFL Score Report 
  • IELTS Score Report
  • GRE Score Report
  • DAT Diploma
  • Research
  • Notarized Dental Degree
  • Unofficial Dental School Transcript
  • Unofficial Undergraduate Transcript
  • Unofficial Graduate Transcript
  • Unofficial Advanced Dental Program Transcript


Each program has two places that can be updated, the Program Finder and the Configuration Portal. Changes might include extending a deadline, changing interview procedures or updating requirements or expected enrollment.

Changes can be made in following ways:

  • Program Finder – Programs can make changes to all data points in their Program Finder profile at any time.

    For assistance, please email

    To make these changes:
    1. Log in to the ADEA PASS Program Finder.
    2. Enter your email address and check your email for a link. No password needed.
  • Configuration Portal – Also known as Program Materials, this portal provides program profiles within the ADEA PASS application.

    While questions, document requests and deadlines cannot be changed, a program can update the text on its Home Page.

    To do so:
    1. Log in to WebAdMIT.
    2. Navigate to “CAS Configuration Portal” via the Management Tab.



Feb. 13 – March 1 ADEA PASS Program Finder Updates 
March 5 – April 9ADEA PASS Configuration Portal Updates
April 24ADEA PASS Live Presentation
Wednesday, April 24  |  8:00 p.m. ET
May 8ADEA PASS 2024-25 cycle opens.
July  1First deadline available to programs. 
Feb. 14, 2025ADEA PASS 2024-25 cycle closes. 


How has the COVID-19 pandemic changed the ADEA PASS process?

ADEA PASS has not made any changes to its operations. Applicants are still required to complete the application as intended and information will be available to programs in WebAdMIT.

My program is closing or unable to accept residents . How do I close the program in ADEA PASS?

It is important that you notify ADEA PASS as soon as possible.

If your program is inactive, please complete and submit the ADEA PASS Inactive Program Form.

What should my program have under consideration during this unprecedented year?

ADEA has been in contact with schools, programs, students and advisory groups. Through these conversations, we have compiled a list of considerations for programs:

  • Dental schools might be giving students pass/fail grades for the Spring 2022 semester. Alternatively, dental schools might designate Spring 2022 as “in-progress,” which will affect an applicant’s GPA and/or class rank.

  • Administrations of the Advanced Dental Admissions Test (ADAT) and National Board Dental Exam (NBDE) were interrupted in March and April. For updates on when the tests will begin to be administered again, please visit the NBDE General Information website.

  • Travel restrictions might continue through the fall, so some dental education programs are turning to electronic interviews. Technology such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams are useful in continuing the admissions process while institutions are closed and travel is limited.

Where should I send applicants who have questions about completing the ADEA PASS application?

Representatives are available Monday – Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Eastern Time, by phone at (617) 612-2065 or by email at

Where can I network with colleagues to see how others are conducting admissions this year?

All advanced dental education faculty are eligible to join the ADEA Council of Advanced Education Programs (COAEP). ADEA COAEP members can join the online community on ADEA Connect and post discussion topics.

Sign up at

I have non-ADEA PASS related questions. What resources are available?