Faculty and Staff

Be an ADEA ambassador by spreading the word about joining ADEA! If you are an ADEA member leader, then you are in the in the best position to tell others at your institution about ADEA membership.

Remember, ADEA has open membership, which means that all faculty, staff, students, residents, and fellows of an ADEA member institution can activate free memberships.

Step 1. Brush up on the many benefits of ADEA membership

Step 2. Become a shameless promoter of ADEA!

  • Send an email to your fellow faculty/staff members, asking them to join today. Use our handy email template to tailor your message. 
  • Share about your experience with others online or in person.

Step 3. Mention ADEA to them again later.

  • Consider submitting an item about ADEA membership to your school's faculty/staff internal website or newsletter.

Here's the key information:

  • Everyone associated with an ADEA Member Institution can belong to ADEA at no charge (faculty, staff and student, resident, or fellow).
  • To activate, go to www.adea.org/join and complete the short application.

TIP: Highlight ADEA membership at regular department meetings, and consider communicating ADEA membership information in your compensation package portfolio. Share the value of your institution's ADEA membership as a resource for recruitment and retention, as well as professional and leadership development.

Direct Questions to ADEA Division of Member Services

Email: membership@adea.org | Phone: 202-289-7201