Students, Residents, and Fellows

Spread the word! As an ADEA student member leader, you are in the best position to tell new students about ADEA membership.

On this page you'll find ideas and easy-to-use tools for encouraging your peers to become ADEA members.

First-year new student meeting

As a leader in your school, arrange to present highlights of ADEA membership to the first year class, orientation group or new student meeting. You will be giving new students important context about the world they have just entered. ADEA membership dues are $0 to students, residents and fellows enrolled at ADEA member institutions.

Step 1. Brush up on the many benefits of ADEA student membership.

Step 2. Show your enthusiasm for ADEA. Tell your own story!

Step 3. Promote Joining ADEA on Student Orientation Day.

Step 4. Mention ADEA membership during at least one regularly scheduled event for new students.

Be sure to provide students with a simple photocopied handout that includes the ADEA website address,, so they can visit at their convenience and activate their free memberships.

Step 5. New students may be overwhelmed at first, so mention ADEA to them again later.

You could submit an item about ADEA membership to your school's newspaper or newsletter, post flyers on bulletin boards, or organize an event just about ADEA membership.

Here's the key information:

  • Every student, resident, and fellow enrolled at an ADEA Member Institution can belong to ADEA at no charge.
  • To activate membership, visit and complete the short application.

Direct Questions to the  ADEA Division of Communications and Membership

Email: | Phone: 202-289-7201