#IamADEA Is YOUR Story to Tell

We believe the dental education community is worth celebrating and showcasing. That’s what the #IamADEA initiative and social media campaign is all about.

The students, faculty and administrators in U.S. and Canadian dental schools or allied and advanced dental education programs, along with the many companies dedicated to advancing dental education, are shaping the future of oral health.  We want to celebrate the contributions you make every day and elevate your voice.

What would you like to say about dental education or this incredible community? Join us on social media, either with a short video or a photo of yourself and a quote.

Share Your #IamADEA Story on Social Media Today

Let others know of your passion for dental education. 

Share your unique story along with a photo of yourself or a brief video via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn today!

For example, consider answering the following questions in your post:

  • Why do you love what you do?
  • What keeps you going through the hardest days?
  • What is your role within the ADEA community and what’s next for you?
  • Why did you choose―and why do you continue to choose―dental education?
  • How has being a part of the ADEA community impacted you?
  • Or share another #IamADEA message.

We want to share your story, too!

As we compile videos throughout the coming months, YOUR story could be featured along with colleagues throughout North America and beyond!

Tip: If you are creating a video, we recommend closing it with the statement, “I am ADEA.”

Hear from colleagues already participating in our #IamADEA campaign:

Thank you for the great work you do! We can’t wait to see and share your posts!

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Contact Raheem Dawodu, Jr., ADEA Digital Marketing and Community Manager, at DawoduR@adea.org.