ADEA Holistic Review Workshops

ADEA Holistic Review Workshops

ADEA’s holistic review workshops aid dental institutions in addressing and reviewing admission policies, procedures and practices. The half-day workshops, conducted by trainers from the ADEA Section on Student Affairs and Financial Aid (AFASA) with ADEA staff, are offered on-site and intended to provide technical assistance to the entire admissions committee and other key leaders.

Upcoming ADEA Workshops:

ADEA is currently accepting requests for admissions workshops. Workshop content is tailored to the specific needs of admissions committees and institutions. More information regarding workshops is below.

Workshops topics included:

  • The admissions process as a tool to support institutional excellence.
  • Supreme Court rulings and the educational benefits of diversity as a “compelling interest.” 
  • Diversity policies and practices in the context of CODA pre-doctoral accreditation standards.
  • Race-neutral alternatives in admissions.
  • The role of unconscious bias (unconscious patterns, beliefs or perceptions that impact how we view others and make decisions) in admissions practices.
  • Theory and research behind holistic admissions.
  • Results of the ADEA Admissions Officers Survey.
  • Admissions case studies.

      To host an admissions workshop:

      Prospective workshop hosts are encouraged to learn more about holistic review by clicking on the links on the left side of this page.  If you determine your admissions staff would benefit from a workshop, please submit an inquiry to