Common traits of a dental hygienist

Dental hygienists have a diverse set of personality traits that allow them to work very closely with patients.

A successful dental hygienist is...

  • Patient and understanding. 
    Some patients may be uneasy about dental work and oral examinations. A good dental hygienist is patient with people who may be afraid of coming into the dental office and will be understanding about their fears. A dental hygienist should work to make the patient relaxed and comfortable and should fully explain the health reasons and steps behind everything he or she does inside the patient’s mouth. 

  • Detail-oriented.
    The mouth is a very small space, so it’s essential that a dental hygienist pays careful attention to detail when working in a patient’s mouth. Dexterity is also incredibly important in such a small space, as the slightest nudge to a sensitive tooth can be extremely painful for a patient. 

  • Passionate.
    Part of a dental hygienist’s job is to educate patients about good oral health practices. A dental hygienist that is passionate about oral health and general health can be a role model to patients and help them modify their behaviors to focus on preventative maintenance on their teeth and gums to avoid disease in the future. 

  • Sturdy on his/her feet.
    Dental hygienists are moving throughout the day sometimes sitting, standing, working with repetitive motions, and moving around the clinical environment. It is important that a dental hygienist possesses the physical stamina to keep this up throughout the entire day.

  • Positive. 
    A positive attitude goes a long way as a dental hygienist. Many patients prefer energetic, friendly and outgoing hygienists to ease some of their stress about coming to the dentist’s office.