Tips From Current D.D.S. and Dental Hygiene Students

Tips for Deciding Where to Apply

Posted by Troi Davis on May 29, 2024

Selecting the right dental school can be a daunting task. The sheer volume of factors to consider, from tuition fees to class sizes to demographics, can be overwhelming for some.

To make the decision-making process easier, I employed a systematic approach. I began by compiling a list of dental schools that captured my interest, noting such essential aspects as tuition costs, learning modalities, student demographics, class sizes, acceptance rates, availability of mental health services, etc. Each factor carried its own weight, reflecting my unique priorities and values.

As I sat down and took the time to evaluate each school, I grappled with trade-offs and compromises. While affordability was crucial, so, too, were the professional growth opportunities they provided. Striking the right balance necessitated a careful consideration of what I deemed indispensable versus what I could afford to forgo.

Ultimately, I identified the dental schools that aligned most closely with my aspirations and requirements—the perfect blend of what I considered to be most important to me. It represented the convergence of my priorities, offering an ideal environment for academic and personal growth.

For those venturing on a similar path, I suggest tackling the selection process with clear thinking and careful consideration. Define your OWN priorities, discern non-negotiables from preferences, and take the time you need to assess each option.

Good luck with your dental school search! 

About Troi Davis:

Troi Davis

Troi Davis
First-year dental student 
Tufts University School of Dental Medicine

Troi Davis, originally from Holly Springs, N.C., is a first-year student at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. Davis received her master’s degree in Physiology at North Carolina State University in 2022. She graduated from Western Carolina University in 2019 after earning her B.A. and B.S. from Western Carolina University in Japanese Studies and Biology, respectively. 

Beyond hitting the books, Ms. Davis is deeply involved in various dental organizations like ADEA, where she serves as the Vice Chair on the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) committee within the ADEA student chapter at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. Ms. Davis is also an associate on the DEI committee within the American Student Dental Association (ASDA). In ADEA District 1 of the ADEA Council of Students, Residents and Fellows (ADEA COSRF), she serves as a member of the PR committee.

Aside from dental school, Davis enjoys fencing, creating new art projects and reading.