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10 Questions With . . . Ms. Sarah Lynn

Posted by Sarah Lynn on April 28, 2024

1.     What drew you to dentistry?

I feel that it’s a uniquely structured health care profession that offers a desirable mix of service to others, autonomy of practice, choice of specialization, [something that] is procedurally based and requires critical thinking.   


2.     What makes you excited to go to school each day?

My classmates and instructors who inspire me with their dedication to evidence-based, patient-centered care.


3.     In 10 years, the biggest change about dental education (or dentistry) will be …

The biggest change is the rapid appearance of new technologies that have the potential to help our patients, but there’s also a lack of experienced instruction and research on those technologies as well as an excess of choices.


4.     If you could change one thing about dental education (or dentistry) with a snap of your fingers, what would that be?

I would make attending dental school free.


5.     After you graduate dental school, what’s next for you? Joining a private practice? An advanced degree program?

I will be continuing my education by attending a four-year Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery residency.


6.     Who is your go-to person when you need advice?

I usually call my dad to talk through problems.


7.     Dogs or cats—and why?

Dogs—I have a 5-year-old rescue named Olive who lights up my life!


8.     What do you look forward to outside of school?

I like to play pickleball, ski, hike and spend time with my friends.    


9.     What’s something you think you’ll never understand?

What goes on inside my dog’s head; I’d love to know her thoughts.


10.  What’s your favorite TV show—and why?

Fargo. I love the characters and the setting. (The accents are accurate.)

About Sarah Lynn :

Sarah Lynn

Sarah Lynn
Fourth-year Dental Student
University of Minnesota School of Dentistry

Sarah Lynn is a fourth-year dental student at the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry. She currently serves as the ADEA Council of Students, Residents and Fellows (ADEA COSRF) Academic Liaison. Ms. Lynn is dedicated to serving vulnerable patients and hopes to contribute to the field of dental education someday.