NEW! 2024–25 ADEA AADSAS Application Cycle Updates

The 2024-25 ADEA AADSAS® (ADEA Associated American Dental Schools Application Service) application will open on May 14 and submissions will open on June 4.

Applicants can use the extra weeks to begin completing, reviewing and strengthening the application before submitting in the last week of May.

ADEA AADSAS Application Updates

Each year, ADEA AADSAS participating dental schools agree to make modifications to the process and application. 

In the 2024-25 cycle, here are the changes applicants can expect to see:

ADEA AADSAS Application

  • Transcript Entry (Coursework): Applicants can view instructions in the application where they enter their coursework.
  • Release of Information to Health Professions Advisors Statement: Applicants can change their response after submission.
  • Disadvantaged Considerations: Revised language to make it clearer.
  • DENTPIN: Applicants will be prompted to enter their DENTPIN twice to confirm the number. 
  • Relatives in Dentistry: Multiple revisions have been made such as:
    • Changed the heading “Relatives in Dentistry” to read “Relatives in Oral Health”.
    • Moved the 'School Attended' question from an open text box to a drop down with multi-select available.
    • Added “Advanced Education Certificate" to degree drop-down and allow multi-select.
    • Allow multi-select to year of graduation.
    • Added additional questions to "Dental School Details", including: Dental degree type earned and Year degree was conferred.


Application fees are $264 for the first designation and $115 for each additional designation. (Note: There is no fee change. On the website, there are two periods. Remove one)


Decision Code: Added “Interviewed” as a decision code.

Help Center

Release Statement: The full Release Statement Agreements have been removed. The release statement is now available on ADEA website.