Call for Poster Abstracts

2019 ADEA Diversity and Inclusion Workshop

Creating a Climate of Inclusiveness

Oct. 23, 2019
Doubletree by Hilton Portland
Portland, OR


The American Dental Education Association (ADEA) invites submissions for posters to be presented at the 2019 ADEA Diversity and Inclusion Workshop, Creating a Climate of Inclusiveness in dental education. Faculty, students, staff, residents and fellows at ADEA member institutions and programs are eligible to participate. The ADEA Diversity and Inclusion Workshop provides dental school and allied dental administrators, faculty and staff with tools and strategies to promote and understand the roles that access, diversity inclusion, equity and well-being play in promoting a humanistic environment within dental education.

The closing date for receipt of poster abstract submissions has passed.


Abstract poster submissions must relate to the workshop theme and fit within one of the following learning focus areas:

  • Innovation: Innovation highlights programs, projects or other unique learning, clinical or community engagement activities that provide valuable lessons and insights regarding diversity and inclusion in dental education. Submissions should contain an explanation of why the innovation is timely. (Keep in mind that the topic, program, project or activity, which may be new at the local level, may not be new at the national level.)

  • Research: Research highlights completed empirical investigations that contribute to dental education research in the area of diversity and inclusion. The results of smaller scale/single-institution projects, exploratory studies or components of a larger project may be submitted as a research highlight.

Poster abstracts are limited to 300 words, not including title, authors, institutional affiliations, acknowledgements and references. If the abstract is based on research that was funded entirely or partially by an outside source, please be sure to list the funding agency and grant number at the end of the text.

The format for the poster should include a creative visual presentation of the abstract content, using graphs, tables, charts and other visual aids for data clarification. Posters should be horizontal and 3 feet by 4 feet (36 inches by 48 inches) in size.

Innovation poster abstract submissions must include the following:

  • Title: Provide an informative title.
  • Author(s): Authors and institutions.
  • Purpose: What problems or issues have you identified and addressed? What program intervention did you provide?
  • Methods or Approach: What did you do? What was your innovative approach?
  • Results or Outcomes: What did you find? What were the outcomes?
  • Conclusions or Significance: What did you discover as a result of your efforts? What implications do these lessons hold for now or the future?
  • References and Acknowledgements, including funding resources.
  • IRB approval as required for human subjects.

Research poster abstract submissions should include the following:

  • Title: Provide an informative title.
  • Author(s): Authors and institutions. 
  • Purpose: Why is the study being conducted? What is the goal of the study?
  • Methods: What approach did you use to answer your research question?
  • Results or Key Findings: What are the important objective results? What did you find in the study?
  • Conclusions: What conclusions did you draw from your results? Why are the important results or key findings important for policy, practice or theory?
  • References and Acknowledgements including funding sources.
  • IRB approval as required for human subjects.

Institutional Review Board (IRB)

When prompted, the authors should state whether the project was IRB-approved for use of human subjects or exempt from review.

A committee with expertise in diversity in dental education will review submitted poster abstracts. Posters should not promote a product or have a commercial focus.

The review criteria are listed below.

 Topic FocusThe topic focus relates to creating an inclusive campus climate and is relevant and timely for dental education.
 ApproachThe authors effectively explain an approach that solves the problem identified or they provide an innovative method to address the topic.
 InterpretationResults are presented in a clear manner. For innovation and research highlights, the discussion is grounded in the literature. 
 Significance The authors provide evidence and demonstrate that their findings have implications for the present or future.

To submit a poster abstract for consideration, complete the poster abstract online submission form and upload the poster abstract by the deadline. As part of the abstract submission process, at least one designated presenter must be identified. The presenter can be someone other than the primary author, but all poster presenters must register for the workshop. (Note: ADEA is offering a reduced registration fee for students from ADEA dental and allied dental member institutions.)

Posters will be designated as “Accepted,” “Accepted With Modifications” or “Not Considered.”

Successful applications will be notified of the outcome in early August.

After notification of “Accepted” or “Accepted With Modifications,” applicants must confirm their intent to present at the 2019 ADEA Diversity and Inclusion Workshop and be registered to attend by the registration deadline. 

  • ADEA will not cover travel, lodging, registration or any other expenses related to a poster presentation.
  • Poster presenters can present only one poster and must be present at their poster display for the majority of the assigned time to answer questions. 
  • Poster abstracts or citations will be published on the ADEA website or in the ADEA online learning community.

The exact times for the poster presentations are subject to the final ADEA Diversity Workshop agenda and will be communicated to presenters prior to the event. The presenter can be someone other than the primary author, but all poster presenters must register for the workshop. 

Questions regarding the submission of poster abstracts and poster presentations should be sent to Sonya G. Smith, Ed.D., J.D., ADEA Senior Vice President for Access, Diversity and Inclusion, or Angelo Lee, Interim Senior Director of Access, Diversity and Inclusion, at