ADEA Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Workshop (Virtual)

Dates: October 27, 2021
Location: Virtual, Online

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The 2021 ADEA Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Workshop will be held as a virtual event in an online-only format on Wednesday, Oct. 27, from 1:00 – 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

Creating More Inclusive Spaces: Mitigating In/Out-Group Bias in Dental Education

The virtual 2021 ADEA Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Workshop on Wednesday, Oct. 27 is a one-day networking and learning symposium to help participants design programs, policies and activities to not only comply with CODA’s diversity-related standards, but to create a safe, welcoming and respectful climate for all persons. Through workshop discussions and educational programming, strategies and best practices are shared and critiqued to assist campuses in developing mission-driven diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives.

The 2021 ADEA Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Workshop will focus on the impact of in-group/out-group bias. While respect for differences and becoming more culturally competent are important, in-group/out-group bias influences various aspects of interactions among students, faculty, staff, residents, fellows and patients, and related decisions.

In this regard, campus policies, practices and strategies must support and consider the impact of socio-political and economic structural barriers that hinder and advance humanistic dental environments. Socio-political and economic structures not only affect one’s self-identity, but play a major role in one’s judgment of others and in assigning in-group/out-group status to individuals.

Additionally, it is essential to understand the impact of consciously and unconsciously assigning patients in-group/out-group status, to guard against treatment bias by health professionals and develop strategies to eliminate social inequities and health disparities.

This event is generously sponsored by:

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