ADEA DHCAS® Application Instructions

Program Selection

Each applicant must select at least one program on the “Add Program” page. Applicants can apply to only one (1) program type at a time, selecting between applications for entry level, degree completion, or graduate programs.  Following are descriptions of the different program types:

  • Entry Level: These programs offer either a certificate or an Associates, Bachelors, or Post-baccalaureate degree in dental hygiene for those who are interested in becoming a dental hygienist and looking to start their dental hygiene education.
  • Degree Completion: These programs offer a bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene for licensed dental hygienists who have graduated from a Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) accredited dental hygiene Associate’s program.
  • Graduate: These programs offer a master’s degree in dental hygiene for licensed dental hygienists who have graduated from a CODA-accredited dental hygiene program.

Applicants will be required to select at least one (1) program to apply to when creating their account.  It is recommended that the applicant add all programs he or she intends to apply to when the account is created.

Adding Program Designations

The "Add Program" tab contains a list of all programs participating in the ADEA DHCAS application, and can be filtered by school, program type, or location.  Using the full program list, applicants can apply to any available program by clicking the blue plus sign next to the program name, or remove any designated programs prior to submitting the application for that program by clicking the “Undo” button under the program name.  Additional available programs can be added at any time by returning to this page, using the “Add Program” tab at the top of the application dashboard.

Paying For and Submitting Application

The "Submit Application" tab displays all selected programs and the associated application fees.  Applicants ready to submit an application to a program can do so using this page by clicking the “Pay and Submit this Program” button beneath the program name. 

Monitoring Application Status - What Makes an Application Complete

The "Check Status" tab allows applicants to check on the status of their application to each dental hygiene education program to which they have submitted an application, as well as the receipt status of their official transcripts and letters of evaluation. Applicants are responsible for monitoring the status of their application and following up with ADEA DHCAS on any missing documents.

Application statuses include the following:

  • In-Progress: The application has not yet been submitted for this program, and the program is not able to view any application materials or information.
  • Received – Awaiting Materials: The application for this program has been submitted and ADEA DHCAS fees for this program have been paid, but the application is missing one or more required transcripts or letters of evaluation.  The selected program can view the application materials, but will not consider the application complete until all required materials are received by ADEA DHCAS.
  • Materials Received – Verifying: All materials required by ADEA DHCAS have been received, and the application is being processed.
  • Verified: The application has been processed and provided as complete to the selected program.
  • Undelivered: An error was found in the application and it has been returned for correction. Once corrections have been made, the application must be resubmitted for processing to continue.

Only ADEA DHCAS application statuses are provided. ADEA DHCAS will notify applicants if there is a problem with the application, or if incomplete or unofficial transcripts have been received. In addition, applicants will be notified via e-mail when official transcripts or letters of evaluation are received, and when the application is submitted and processed. Once an application is complete for a designated program, no further updates on the admissions status of the application will be provided by ADEA DHCAS. All admissions decisions will be provided directly to an applicant by the program. ADEA DHCAS makes no determination on the eligibility of an applicant for a program, nor does ADEA DHCAS have any influence over the admissions status of an applicant with a particular dental hygiene program. Questions regarding offers of admissions should be directed to each individual program.

In order for an application to be considered complete and ready for processing by ADEA DHCAS, the following criteria MUST be met:

  • All official transcripts must be received and posted to your ADEA DHCAS account;
  • Any letters of reference required by the dental hygiene programs to which you have applied must be complete and submitted to ADEA DHCAS; and
  • The application and all application fees must be submitted electronically to ADEA DHCAS