ADEA DHCAS® Application Instructions

Program Materials

Program profiles will appear in the Program Materials section for all programs selected by the applicant. This page contains a short program introduction, any program-specific questions, and any program-specific requirements applicants must adhere to.

Applicants cannot submit the application for a program until all required program-specific questions and requirements are fulfilled. Additional program-specific materials that could be requested under this section include additional documents, pre-requisite coursework identification, letters of evaluation and personal essays. Each program designates if the information or document is required or optional. Pre-requisite coursework can only be identified after the transcript entry is complete. The programs reserve the right to ask additional questions of all applicants.

If a program requests letters of evaluation, please note:

  • An Evaluator Portal is available for applicants’ designated evaluators to submit their letters.
  • Applicants can create and submit an evaluation request to their chosen evaluators, as well as complete the FERPA waiver which allows them to waive their right to access the evaluation (applicant’s selection cannot be changed once they have completed their waiver)
  • Letters of evaluation must be electronically submitted by the evaluators themselves, not the applicant or another party on behalf of the evaluator
  • ADEA DHCAS is not responsible for verifying the identities of evaluators, but reserves the right to contact the appropriate individuals to investigate any discrepancy that may be found and share the discrepancy with all programs.