ADEA DHCAS® Application Instructions

Academic History

This section includes secondary (high) schools and college data as well as specific coursework. Many portions of this section are required for all applicants.  

High Schools Attended

Applicants must list their high school name and location, along with graduation information.  Some programs may require an applicant to submit an official high school transcript to ADEA DHCAS. Please see the “Program Materials” section of the application to determine if the program selected requires these transcripts.  If a high school transcript is required, a transcript request form will be made available, and should be mailed along with an official copy of the transcript to ADEA DHCAS.  Applications for programs requiring a high school transcript will not become complete until the transcript has been received.  Applicants with a GED should contact ADEA DHCAS customer service for more information.

Colleges Attended

This section requires all undergraduate, graduate and professional institutions an applicant attended or is currently attending to be listed, including dates of attendance and graduation information. Each institution attended should only be listed once on the application, regardless of any gaps in attendance or the number of degrees received from the institution.

Institutions must be listed on the application even if the courses completed were transferred to another institution. This includes non-degree programs, courses taken at a community college, and courses taken as part of a dual-enrollment program during high school, if college credit was received.

Adding an Institution

To add an institution, type the full name of the institution and select the official name of the college from the drop-down list, making sure to search for all possible formats of the institution name. If the institution does not appear in the list after typing the full name, select “Can’t find your school?”  Please note: if the name of the institution includes a specific campus, a hyphen may be needed after the name of the school before the campus name to bring the institution up on the list.  Also, if the school name includes abbreviations such as “St.” for Saint, a period may be needed at the end of the abbreviation.

Complete the instructions for adding degrees, dates, term types and coursework. For more information on completing these steps, please follow the detailed instructions linked within ADEA DHCAS.