ADEA DHCAS Checklist

The following checklist will help you to complete the ADEA DHCAS application process.

1. Prepare to Apply

❑ Find participating programs and program information on the ADEA DHCAS Search Engine.

❑ Write a personal statement. (Use the ADEA DHCAS Search Engine to determine which programs require personal statements.)

❑ Update accomplishments and professional experiences on a resume.

❑ Ask professors and mentors to write an evaluation letter. (Use the ADEA DHCAS Search Engine to determine which programs require letters of reference.)

❑ Collect pertinent materials, such as coursework and testing information.

❑ Learn about the Fee Assistance Program to determine eligibility.

2. Complete the ADEA DHCAS application

❑ Start the application (opens in September).

❑ Submit the online ADEA DHCAS application, which includes:

❑ Personal Information

❑ Academic History

❑ Supporting Information

❑ Program Materials

❑ Release Statement

❑ Designations (programs to which an applicant wishes to apply)

❑ Payment

❑ Send in all required documents for the programs to which you are applying (check program information page for requirements of each program). Required documents may include:

❑ All college-level, official transcripts

❑ High school transcript

❑ Additional documents specific by the program(s) to which you are applying.

3. Complete all supplemental information

❑ Review the ADEA DHCAS Search Engine to determine what each program requires in addition to the ADEA DHCAS application.