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Educational Programs for 2017: Find Your Ideal Opportunity

Posted by on November 21, 2016
Becoming a dentist is a rewarding career choice. Participating in an educational program is a great way to help you become a successful dentist. Finding the perfect opportunity can be time consuming, so it’s important to know what you are looking for from the beginning. Just like with any career choice, choosing next steps and the path that suits you best involves research, so we’ve listed a few different types of programs for students planning to apply to dental school and those who are already in dental school as a starting place. ... See More

Learn to Lead With a Purpose

Posted by Katherine Urrutia on October 20, 2015
"My interest in dentistry did start at an early age, when I began losing my primary teeth. As they began crumbling to tiny pieces, I had to have my teeth removed. I was toothless for several years of my life, which affected not only my physical appearance but also my emotional well-being. Once my permanent teeth came in, I began to appreciate the care that my dentist, orthodontist and oral surgeon provided me. With their help, I gained not only a smile, but also an elevated self-esteem." ... See More

Future Dentists: Advice From a Rising College Student

Posted by Thomas (TJ) Pinto on September 15, 2015
I have wanted to become a dentist since the sixth grade. At the time, I just thought my orthodontist’s office was cool, and the equipment my orthodontist used on my braces fascinated me. But when I looked in the mirror after he took off my braces, I couldn’t believe how much better my smile looked. It was the smile on my orthodontist’s face, though, that made me realize how rewarding his job is. From that day forward, I have been trying my best to make my dream of being a dentist come true. 
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Calling all predental students: Don't miss this event

Posted by Andrew P. Halverson on February 20, 2015

Last year when I signed up for the ADEA GoDental Workshop and Recruitment Fair in San Antonio, TX, I knew the experience would be extremely valuable. Upon further reflection, I realize I got much more out of the program than I ever anticipated. This year the event will be held on March 7 in Boston, MA. I hope reading about my experience will help solidify your decision to attend in March. 

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Starting a Predental Club on Your Campus - Part II

Posted by Leigh Reynolds on August 07, 2014
Joining a pre-dental club is a great way to meet other students who share similar career goals and can provide you with resources and support through your pathway to dental school. If your university does not have a pre-dental club, consider starting your own! Here are ten tips to help guide you in starting a pre-dental club. ... See More