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Promoting Success Through Study Skills

Posted by Jessica Kiser, Ed.D., M.S., RDH on October 19, 2021

“Excitement is in the air as you apply for allied dental health programs and envision yourself as an oral health care provider,” says Jessica Kiser, Ed.D., M.S., RDH, Program Director at Cape Fear Community College and Adjunct Clinical Lecturer, University of Michigan School of Dentistry. “As you do your research, you may talk with current or former students and realize these programs are challenging yet so rewarding. These individuals may tell you about the program’s course load and assessments, and you may start to wonder how to be successful. One way to foster your success is to improve your study skills.”

A few improvements could include creating a schedule, enhancing your reading skills and reviewing course material before and after class.  

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Why Internships or Fellowships Are Recommended for International Dentists

Posted by Swati Gupta, M.D.S., B.D.S. on December 16, 2020

“The first time I decided to pursue my dream to do a periodontics residency in the United States, I approached the director of a periodontics program in one school who then asked me to come for a six-month or one-year internship,” says National Boards Educator Swati Gupta, M.D.S., B.D.S.

“Until that moment, the only internship I was aware of, was the one-year mandatory internship during the five-year completion of a Bachelor of Dental Medicine (B.D.S.) in India,” Dr. Gupta said. After some research, she learned quickly that internships and externships are recommended for any national or international student who is keen to continue their career in dentistry in the United States.

Keep reading to learn the advice Dr. Gupta has for any international dentist considering practicing their profession within the United States.

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