Financial Aid Advice

What Every Gap Year Student Should Know About Financial Aid

Posted by Paul Garrard, M.B.A. on October 21, 2020

What is a gap year? A “gap year” is a span of time between the end of undergraduate education and the beginning of dental school. It can be longer than a year, depending on your circumstances.

When taking a gap year, there are important steps every student should consider or take if they anticipate needing financial aid for dental school, dental hygiene programs or any other graduate degree program following their gap year. 

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10 Questions Incoming Dental Students Should Ask About Financial Aid

Posted by Paul Garrard, M.B.A. on September 23, 2020

As you consider ways to pay for dental school, there are some important questions you should ask that will help ensure you don’t miss anything in terms of getting access to the best financial aid possible. This includes knowing how to borrow responsibly if you have to take out student loans and having access to resources to help prepare you for repaying your loans responsibly after you graduate.

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