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Short Layover to Lifelong Impact: How an Observation Sparked Change in Oral Health

Posted by Sharif Zoubeidi on April 28, 2024

An opportunity to serve as an intern on a medical mission in the heart of Guatemala during his freshman year of college provided a moment of clarity for Sharif Zoubeidi, a predental student at the University of Illinois Chicago. “I also wanted to find a way to make a more personal impact and incorporate my passion for oral health into the work we were doing,” Zoubeidi said. By securing toothbrush and toothpaste kit donations for 200 children, and by creating his own oral hygiene educational pamphlet, Zoubeidi was able, during his trip, to touch many lives with his message of maintaining proper oral health. 

Read on as Zoubeidi shares a memorable part of his journey to dental school, including building an app, Smile Sum, to educate children on oral anatomy and healthy oral hygiene habits in a fun way.

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