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Learn to Lead With a Purpose

Posted by Katherine Urrutia on October 20, 2015
"My interest in dentistry did start at an early age, when I began losing my primary teeth. As they began crumbling to tiny pieces, I had to have my teeth removed. I was toothless for several years of my life, which affected not only my physical appearance but also my emotional well-being. Once my permanent teeth came in, I began to appreciate the care that my dentist, orthodontist and oral surgeon provided me. With their help, I gained not only a smile, but also an elevated self-esteem." ... See More

Future Dentists: Advice From a Rising College Student

Posted by Thomas (TJ) Pinto on September 15, 2015
I have wanted to become a dentist since the sixth grade. At the time, I just thought my orthodontist’s office was cool, and the equipment my orthodontist used on my braces fascinated me. But when I looked in the mirror after he took off my braces, I couldn’t believe how much better my smile looked. It was the smile on my orthodontist’s face, though, that made me realize how rewarding his job is. From that day forward, I have been trying my best to make my dream of being a dentist come true. 
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