Prepare to Apply

Whether the application is weeks or months away from opening, start preparing now. Here are things that can be done in advance to ensure the application process is seamless:

  • Research programs: Check out the ADEA CAAPID Program Finder for information on all participating programs. The profile will indicate the application deadline for all programs.
  • Collect materials: Know where to go to request transcripts from all colleges and dental schools attended. Speak with professors and mentors to determine who will write letters of evaluations. Develop a CV or resume with all activities and accomplishments. Write a personal statement about why this degree and field is the goal. Print out score sheets from all standardized tests taken.
  • Review the application: Look over the application instructions and required documents. Make yourself familiar with the ADEA CAAPID Checklist.
  • Take entrance exams: Refer to the program directory which includes information on which additional exams are accepted and which are preferred for each program.