ADEA CAAPID Application Instructions

Experiences, Achievements and Licenses

In addition to the academic history, many programs review applicants’ experiences and achievements along with licenses and certifications. This section allows applicants to report their experiences within the application. Here are some guidelines for these sections:

  • List all experiences in chronological order with the most recent experience first.
  • List each experience only once.
  • List experiences that occurred while completing your bachelor’s degree or after. High school or prior activities should not be reported.
  • List only experiences that were NOT mandatory as a part of your graduation requirements. 


Applicants can list the following types of experiences in ADEA CAAPID:

Dental Experience: List experiences completed outside of graduation requirements that relate to the dental field. These can be volunteer, paid or optional academic credit experiences such as home country dental practice, U.S./Canada assisting, U.S./Canada observing, dental hygiene, dental laboratory work, etc. 

Employment: List paid nondental experiences. 

Nondental Health Care Experience: List health care experiences, including paid, volunteer or for optional academic credit. 

Research: List research experiences that were optional opportunities during school. If your degree required a thesis, do not list it in this section. 

Teaching: List extra teaching experiences that were not part of graduation requirements.

Extracurricular Activities: List activities done for personal enjoyment, such as playing sports or musical instruments.

Volunteer Activities: List activities that were nonpaid work, such as tutoring or community service.

For each category, applicants are asked to provide information about the organization with which the experience was completed, supervisor name and contact information, dates of the experience, time commitment made to the experience and a description of the experience or responsibilities.


Applicants can list honors or awards received, including the name of the honor or award, the name of the organization presenting the honor or award, the date the honor or award was received and a description of the honor or award. List achievements earned during or after a degree. High school awards do not need to be reported.


Applicants can provide information about any dental or other licenses held, including the license number, date of issue and country of issue. Applicants will also be asked to upload a copy of the license to the application.