ADEA Washington Update

Another Short-Term Spending Bill Likely This Week

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As of the date of publication, the Washington rumor mill is still churning. Many believe another short-term funding extension will take the government through March 23, with a long-term extension of the authorization for Community Health Centers embedded in the legislation. Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and overall spending caps for defense and nondefense are still open questions. ADEA will continue to keep you updated on this ever-changing funding battle.

Since October 2017, the government has been funded through four short-term continuing resolutions (CR) that keep agencies operating at FY 2017 levels. Government funding bills are considered must-pass legislation, so they regularly provide a vehicle for other issues and can stall if those issues are not included in measures that are sure to pass. Although it ultimately was not addressed by the CR, the January shutdown occurred largely over immigration and overall spending levels. This constrained funding has hurt planning for federal agencies like FDA and NIH, which manage long-term research and grant-making functions, by not allowing them to proceed with anticipated new initiatives and projects.

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