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Nevada Governor Vetoes Medicaid-For-All Bill

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ExpandMedicaidNow2On June 16, Gov. Brian Sandoval (R-NV) vetoed a bill that would have required the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services, if authorized by federal law, to establish a health care plan within Medicaid for purchase by persons who are not otherwise eligible for Medicaid. The bill, AB 374, also called Medicaid-For-All, successfully passed both the state Assembly and Senate but was vetoed just hours before the deadline for the governor to approve or veto state legislation.

In his veto message, Gov. Sandoval said, “AB 374 attempts to expand health insurance coverage through the novel idea of letting individuals, otherwise ineligible for Medicaid, purchase Medicaid-like plans at their own full cost through the Silver State Health Insurance Exchange, with no federal or state subsidies.” 

Although the governor applauded the bill’s sponsor and the concept, he went on to say, “AB 374 raises more questions than answers, while adding more uncertainty to an industry that needs less. Both the problems AB 374 attempts to fix, and the solutions it proposes, need further study and analysis. Moving too soon, without factual foundation or adequate understanding of the possible consequences, could introduce more uncertainly to an already fragile health care market, and ultimately affect patient health care.”

Gov. Sandoval acknowledged in his veto statement the current health care discussions going on in Washington. He said, “[f]ortunately my veto of AB 374 does not end the conversation about potential coverage gaps or possible solutions, including Medicaid-like solutions. In fact, given the possibility that changes in federal law may put Nevada’s expanded Medicaid population at risk of losing their coverage, the ability for individuals to purchase Medicaid-like plans is something that should be considered in depth.”

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