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Summer 2017: Lifelong Learning

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Since 2011, the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA) standards have obligated dental schools to graduate students who demonstrate “professional values and capacities associated with self-directed, lifelong learning.” 

While all of our schools strive to achieve this goal, cultivating students who will make a habit of self-directed learning, question the status quo and stay abreast of the latest evidence, is still a work in progress. And it’s not just a matter of encouraging our graduates to stay active as learners. Practicing dentists and even some faculty can find it challenging to remain current and fully engaged in questioning what they may have learned decades earlier. Fortunately, we have colleagues who have devoted themselves to the pursuit of encouraging lifelong learning and are willing to share what they have learned.

In this issue’s Guest Perspective, Prof. William D. (Bill) Hendricson summarizes the challenges of educating students to be skeptical and reflective thinkers, and he shares four ideas for enhancing students’ readiness to remain active learners after graduation. In our Campus Spotlight, we visit the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine (Pitt SDM), where a variety of initiatives encourage predoctoral students to make a habit of self-directed learning. Finally, our Educator Spotlight introduces us to Dr. Maureen McAndrew, who has developed a number of programs and other tools to help clinical dental faculty regularly refresh their knowledge and skills.

What’s going on at your institution? Please use the comment boxes at the end of each article to pose questions or share your experience.

Anthony Palatta, D.D.S., Ed.D., ADEA Chief Learning Officer

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University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine
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