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Legislatures Address Dental Student and Faculty Loan Forgiveness Programs

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As of this writing, several state legislatures are continuing to work to address the issue of educational debt for dental students and faculty. ADEA has compiled a list detailing state legislation that has been introduced to provide relief from the burden of student loan debt.

  • Louisiana

HB 427 has been referred to committee for consideration. Current Louisiana law authorizes tax credits to physicians and dentists under certain conditions. Dentists are eligible if their practice is relocated to a designated Dental Health Professional Shortage Area. The current credit is for the lessor of: 1) the tax due, or 2) $3,600 on returns filed before July 1, 2018, or $5,000 after July 1, 2018. 

HB 427 would change the requirements by which a health care professional described qualifies for the tax credit; change where an applicant can practice and qualify for credits; and expand the number of health care professionals who are eligible for the tax credit by adding primary care nurse practitioners. A $1.5 million annual maximum of tax credits may be granted. The credit sunsets after the 2020 tax year.

  • Maine

LD 1287, sponsored by Senate Democratic Leader Sen. Troy Jackson (D-ME), extends through 2026 the income tax credit for eligible dentists who practice in underserved areas. An eligible dentist determined to be eligible on or after January 1, 2012, but before January 1, 2017 is allowed a credit for each taxable year, not to exceed $12,000, against the taxes due. An eligible dentist determined to be eligible on or after January 1, 2017 but before January 1, 2022 is allowed a credit, not to exceed $6,000 in the first year, $9,000 in the 2nd year, $12,000 in the 3rd year, $15,000 in the 4th year and $18,000 in the 5th year, against the taxes due. The bill is currently pending in committee.

  • New York

SB 5801 has been filed to provide for the establishment of the New York State Dental Faculty Loan Forgiveness Incentive Program. The justification memo for this recently introduced bill states, “One of the largest issues for the academic dental schools is recruiting American trained dentists to join faculties because of the large amount of debt dentists accrue, while pursuing their degree.” To address this challenge, the program would allow for awards of $40,000 for faculty teaching at least twelve credit hours in the prior academic year. Under the proposed law, awards cannot exceed the cumulative total of $160,000 per recipient. The bill has been referred to committee for further consideration.

A 5279 and companion bill S 3939, as introduced, would allow the Commissioner of Health to include dentists in the Doctors Across New York program to provide dental services to underserved areas of the state. A 5279 has been referred to committee. S 3939 is awaiting a vote on the Senate floor.

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