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August 2009: Overcoming Barriers to Change

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Overcoming Barriers to Change

Dr. Eugene L. Anderson, Associate Executive Director and Director, ADEA Center for Educational Policy and Research

It has been less than a month since we gathered in San Diego to address ways of overcoming barriers to bringing about change. It was wonderful connecting with everyone in person and hearing directly about your efforts to transform the ways in which students are educated on your campuses.

In this edition of the ADEA CCI Liaison Ledger, you will get a taste of our meeting in San Diego. In our Guest Perspective, Dr. N. Karl Haden of the Academy for Academic Leadership will share some reflections on the 2009 Dental School Curriculum Format and Innovations Survey, whose preliminary findings he presented in San Diego. In our Faculty Spotlight, we visit with a group of ADEA CCI Liaisons from the University of Puerto Rico who borrowed a change model from business to revise the school's system of clinical assessment. We also pay a visit to Virginia Commonwealth University, where the dental school faculty has implemented an integrated curriculum that is getting students into the clinic in their second year.

Links to articles and sites mentioned in this edition are available under Resources. We hope you will find these useful as you work to overcome barriers to change at your home institutions.


Recent Accomplishments

In June, 39 institutions sent 100 ADEA CCI Liaisons to this summer's ADEA CCI Liaisons Meeting in San Diego (see sidebar).

The bulk of the meeting time was devoted to ADEA CCI Liaisons describing their progress on curriculum change and innovation projects. While project topics ranged from problem-based learning and case-based teaching to critical thinking, most agreed that learning new ways to use technology in teaching is the most critical issue for the future of dental education. Tools that helpfaculty package educational content for today's students are key to attracting those students to the dental professions and academic careers.

Other valuable aspects of the meeting were small group discussions, formal and informal networking, and several simulations. The ADEA CCI Liaisons also explored the potential impact of proposed revisions to predoctoral accreditation standards, from the perspectives of CODA and the dental schools.

Looking Ahead

Audio and PowerPoint slides of nearly all of the 21 ADEA CCI Liaison school projects presented at the recent meeting will be made available shortly.

The ADEA CCI website is currently being redesigned, with a focuson making resources and information related to ADEA CCI easier to find.

The University of Kentucky and University of Louisville are working with ADEA staff to hold the first ADEA CCI Regional Faculty Development Workshop.


Profiled Campus and Related Sites

Virginia Commonwealth University School of Dentistry

University of Puerto Rico School of Dental Medicine

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