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Perspective on Person-centered Care: Medical Education

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Guest Perspective: Are We Serious About Lifelong Learning?

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Curious skepticism. An eagerness to learn. Acquiring new skills that enrich practice. As dentists progress through their careers, these activities are what lifelong learning is all about. Remaining an active learner throughout one’s career is not easy. Ideally, graduates will enter the workforce with the level of curious skepticism that makes them uneasy when a new technology lacks research support or dismayed when a patient has a disappointing outcome. Unsettled by these uncertainties and deficiencies, they will be compelled to search for explanations—the heart of lifelong learning. 
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With the Benefit of Hindsight, Would You Still Want to Become a Dentist?

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Imagine you have been granted a do-over, and are 20 years old again, eager to care for other human beings by applying yourself in the realm of health care. But this second time around, you are wiser. You know that dental school will be the hardest years of your life so far. You know that after you graduate you will have significant dental school debt. You will experience feelings of insecurity and face moderate levels of depression, which may be due to stress at work. Knowing all this, would you still want to become a dentist?

Guest Perspective: Educating Our Students and Colleagues to Recognize and Respond Effectively to Domestic Violence

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Child abuse. Elder abuse. Intimate partner violence. The CCDC estimates that more than 10 million adults are physically assaulted each year by a current or former intimate partner. As for children, government estimates place the annual number of reported assaults by parents or other relatives in the hundreds of thousands. The actual total could be much higher.
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