ADEA State Update

Bans on Soda and Sugary Drink Taxes Meet Different Fates at the Polls

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Last Tuesday, voters in Oregon and Washington decided on referendums that would ban local governments from implementing taxes on “raw or processed food or beverages.” Oregon’s measure was defeated, while Washington’s referendum was successful.

The referendums in both states received heavy ... Click Here To Read More

State Fact Sheets are Now Available on ADEA’s Website

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State fact sheets providing brief overviews of dental education in individual states can now be found on ADEA’s website. These fact sheets are available for all states with a dental school and highlight federal and state information important to ADEA members. The fact sheets can be... Click Here To Read More

ADEA Releases 2018 Update to Summary of State and Federal Loan Forgiveness Programs

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In the past decade, the cost of higher education has risen, resulting in record levels of student debt. The cost of education requires most dental students to carry a large debt after graduation. The ADEA Survey of Dental School Seniors, 2018 Graduating Class, reports that students with educational debt (debt incurred before and during... Click Here To Read More

Lawsuits Duel Over the Affordable Care Act

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A potential showdown in federal appellate court could be on the horizon, as dueling lawsuits seeking to overturn or affirm the Affordable Care Act (ACA) work their way through the federal court systems in Texas and Maryland.

In early September, oral arguments began in a lawsuit brought by 20 Republican state attorneys... Click Here To Read More

Midterm Elections: Governors and State Legislatures

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As the few states that remain in legislative session wrap up their work for the year, many elected officials in state governments are turning their attention to upcoming midterm elections. This year, 36 states will hold elections for governor, and roughly 80% of state legislative seats across the country face a vote. It is not unusual for... Click Here To Read More

Trends in State Opioid Legislation

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In 2018, state legislatures continued to pass a significant amount of legislation in response to the opioid crisis. According to the National Conference of State Legislatures, 45 states considered more than 480 bills aimed... Click Here To Read More

New York Student Loans

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On Sept. 20, 2018, New York Attorney General Barbara D. Underwood sued nine student loan debt relief companies and two executives for allegedly using deceptive practices to convince thousands of student loan... Click Here To Read More

Rising Costs in Iowa Medicaid?

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When former Governor Terry Branstad privatized the management of Medicaid in Iowa in 2015, he promised the state would save tens of millions of dollars. A recent report from the state’s non-partisan Legislative Services Agency has shown that the promised savings may... Click Here To Read More

Paying for Medicaid Expansion

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Why would tobacco companies spend more than $9 million opposing a referendum in Montana that could... Click Here To Read More

California Wraps Up its Legislative Session

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The California legislature ended its annual session on Aug. 31 and sent several significant pieces of legislation to the desk of Gov. Jerry Brown. Some of the most significant legislation for dental education and the dental industry signed by Gov. Brown include:

Prescription Drug Monitoring

Duggan Dental