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Arizona Dental Therapy Debate Heats Up

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Arizona’s sunrise review process provides a mechanism for health professions to request regulation or expansion in scope of practice.

On Sept. 1, the dental coalition Dental Care for Arizona submitted a ... Click Here To Read More

Licensing for Dental Professionals and Other Health Professions Under Review

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Eleven states have been selected to participate in the National Occupational Licensing Learning Consortium. The consortium will focus in part on the reciprocity issues faced by licensed dental and other health care professionals desiring to relocate to another state... Click Here To Read More

FTC Task Force to Host Roundtable on Occupational Licensing

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On Nov. 7, the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC’s) Economic Liberty Task Force will host a roundtable in Washington, DC, to examine empirical evidence on the effects of occupational licensure. Over... Click Here To Read More

An Update on State Dental Regulations

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On April 6, the Dental Board of California held a special meeting and voted to suspend the administration of the Registered Dental Assistant (RDA) practical examination, effective immediately. The Board took this action after reviewing a report... Click Here To Read More

Legal News You Can Use

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Earlier this year, the Texas Supreme Court ruled that a resident physician performing duties for the University of Texas Physicians Clinic could... Click Here To Read More

Report of Interest - October 2017

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In a letter sent to the Minnesota Department of Human Services, the Centers for Medicare... Click Here To Read More

The Future of Medicaid and CHIP Under a New Administration

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Medicaid beneficiaries could be at risk of losing health coverage if President-elect Donald J. Trump and a Republican-controlled House and Senate follow through on their promises to cut Medicaid spending and transform the state-federal... Click Here To Read More

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