ADEA State Update

Highlight: Puerto Rico

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Puerto Rico is facing the most severe higher education budget cuts in U.S. history and the closure of one-third of its schools at a time when it is still rebounding from last year’s devasting hurricanes.

The U.S. Department of Education (ED) posted a ... Click Here To Read More

Access and Diversity Update - June 2018

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Children’s Oral Health

This month, Washington state took steps to improve children’s access to dental care. The Washington Health Care Authority proposed a rule to expand the Access to Baby and Child Dentistry Program to children... Click Here To Read More

Insurance and Medicaid Update - June 2018

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Medicaid Expansion

It has been a busy month for Medicaid, but the biggest news is that after four years of fighting over Medicaid expansion, Virginia legislators have finally settled on a compromise likely to make Virginia the 33rd state to expand coverage. On May 3, the Virginia Senate ... Click Here To Read More

Opioid Update - June 2018

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While Congress and the White House hold hearings and press conferences on the opioid epidemic, states are also working to curb the crisis. The federal government appropriates money in different ways, and much of the federal funding to address the opioid epidemic must be distributed as grants. To that end, West Virginia Rep. David McKinley... Click Here To Read More

Licensing Update - June 2018

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New Rules in Texas

A series of new rules from the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners came into effect in mid-May. Amended rule §101.5 changes the dental license renewal cycle to a two-year period, Rule... Click Here To Read More

Governor of California Signs Teledentistry Bill into Law

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On September 27, Gov. Jerry Brown (D-CA) signed into law A.B. 1174. The new law adds teledentristy to a list of specialty health care services for which face-to-face contact is not required in order to claim... Click Here To Read More

National Governors Association to Focus on Medicaid Transformation

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The National Governors Association (NGA) announced that Alabama, Nevada and Washington will participate in a year-long project to examine ways to spur changes in how states pay for Medicaid and other health care services.

Participating states will work with experts within... Click Here To Read More

Governor of Virginia Launches Healthy Virginia Plan

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On September 8, Gov. Terry McAuliffe (D-VA) announced his 10-step plan to expand health care services to over 200,000 Virginians. Following the Virginia General Assembly’s failure, during legislative and special sessions, to pass legislation expanding Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, Gov. McAuliffe is optimistic that this plan will... Click Here To Read More

Important Dates for the Health Insurance Marketplace

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Generally, individuals and families may buy marketplace health insurance only during the annual open enrollment period. Following are key dates for the health insurance marketplace: 

  • November 15, 2014: 2015 open enrollment starts
  • December 31, 2014:
... Click Here To Read More

Governor of California Signs Bill to Protect Patient Premiums

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On September 25, Gov. Jerry Brown (D-CA) signed AB 1962 into law. AB 1962, authored by Assembly Member Nancy Skinner (D-CA), establishes standardized requirements for dental plans to disclose how they spend patient... Click Here To Read More

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