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Governors Races and State Legislatures

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Victors in nearly all governors races have been declared, and as predicted, Democrats made significant gains by picking up offices in seven states previously held by Republicans. Democrats successfully flipped offices in Illinois, Kansas, New Mexico, Maine,... Click Here To Read More

The Impact of the Election on Medicaid

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Three traditionally Republican states voted to expand Medicaid coverage under the Affordable Care Act. Voters in Nebraska, Idaho and Utah passed referendums that will grant coverage to individuals... Click Here To Read More

CMS Approves Work Requirements Under Wisconsin Waiver

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On Oct. 31, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) approved Wisconsin’s 1115 Medicaid waiver request to allow the state to implement work requirements for its Medicaid population. Wisconsin’s request is the fifth to be approved by CMS and, similar to policies... Click Here To Read More

Indiana University School of Dentistry Receives Federal Grant From HRSA

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In early October, the Health Resources Services Administration (HRSA) awarded a $1.6 million grant to the Indiana University School of Dentistry to help the school expand dental services to underserved areas. The grant will... Click Here To Read More

Bans on Soda and Sugary Drink Taxes Meet Different Fates at the Polls

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Last Tuesday, voters in Oregon and Washington decided on referendums that would ban local governments from implementing taxes on “raw or processed food or beverages.” Oregon’s measure was defeated, while Washington’s referendum was successful.

The referendums in both states received heavy ... Click Here To Read More

State Fact Sheets are Now Available on ADEA’s Website

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State fact sheets providing brief overviews of dental education in individual states can now be found on ADEA’s website. These fact sheets are available for all states with a dental school and highlight federal and state information important to ADEA members. The fact sheets can be... Click Here To Read More

ADEA Releases 2018 Update to Summary of State and Federal Loan Forgiveness Programs

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In the past decade, the cost of higher education has risen, resulting in record levels of student debt. The cost of education requires most dental students to carry a large debt after graduation. The ADEA Survey of Dental School Seniors, 2018 Graduating Class, reports that students with educational debt (debt incurred before and during... Click Here To Read More

Massachusetts Governor Seeks to Establish a Commission to Review Prescribing Practices for Dentists

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On Nov. 14, Gov. Charlie Baker (R-MA) announced that his administration would be seeking to enact state legislation titled An Act Relative... Click Here To Read More

Arizona Dental Therapy Legislation Continues to Move Forward in 2018

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On Nov. 28, the Arizona Senate Health and Human Services and House Health Committee of Reference (COR) approved a revised sunrise ... Click Here To Read More

Bill Prefiled in Virginia to Ensure Individuals Granted DACA May Receive In-state Tuition

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Prefiled on Nov. 20, HB 11 would, absent congressional intent to the contrary, deem any individual currently granted Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (and has the capacity to intend to remain in Virginia... Click Here To Read More

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