ADEA Washington Update

Federal Government Funding Deal Running Out of Time

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House Republicans released a stop-gap spending bill  that would keep the government open through Dec. 22. The stop-gap bill takes the form of a continuing resolution (CR) allowing for additional time for a bipartisan agreement on top-line spending levels... Click Here To Read More

The Travel Ban’s Ongoing Litigation

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The ongoing litigation around the travel ban continues. Soon the U.S. Supreme Court will decide whether President Trump’s latest travel ban against foreign nationals from eight countries can go into... Click Here To Read More

Spotlight on Canada - December 2017

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Children make up one quarter of Canada’s over 4.8 million people living below the poverty line as defined by Statistics Canada. Canada is the only industrialized country with a universal health care system but without a national pharmacy policy, leaving one in 10 Canadians unable to afford filling their medial prescriptions. In a recent ... Click Here To Read More

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