Before the ADEA Leadership Institute formally begins, new Fellows participate in an orientation at the ADEA Annual Session. After this and before Phase I, Fellows complete preparatory work (e.g., reading assignments and meetings with their deans) and receive their peer group assignments for their team project. Fellows also select topics for their team projects, which they will work on from their home institutions.

Team Project
One of the most rewarding aspects of the ADEA Leadership Institute is working in a team of six peers. These peer groups collaborate to conduct a series of interviews with academic, dental, and legislative leaders (e.g., institution president or provost, vice president for development, vice president for academic affairs, state legislator, and state leaders in organized dentistry). Fellows select interviewees, develop interview questions, and determine roles for converting information into presentations of their findings, which take place in Phase II. Deans and directors help Fellows schedule these interviews.

The peer groups develop position papers on a critical issue in dental education. Through this process the Fellows:
  • Explore a major issue and acquire a thorough understanding of it from a broad perspective;
  • Gain the perspective of the academic dental institution in the broad context of that issue, the parent institution, and the external environment;
  • Learn to work in a team learn to prepare and submit a manuscript for publication.