ADEA Leadership Institute at a Glance

What is the ADEA Leadership Institute? 

The ADEA Leadership Institute is a yearlong program designed to develop the most promising individuals at academic dental institutions to become future leaders in dental and higher education. 

2020-21 ADEA LI CFN Brochure

As the flagship program for exceptional mid-career faculty and administrators, the ADEA Leadership Institute goes well beyond standard professional development. Fellows who have graduated from the Institute hold positions ranging from department chairs to program directors to deans of dental schools.

Who should apply to the ADEA Leadership Institute?

All who are ready to step up to leadership and want to:

  • Gain decision-making, priority setting and conflict resolution skills—and the knowledge needed to use them effectively.
  • Expand their administrative competencies.
  • Understand the inner workings of a dental education institution—and how it fits into a parent institution.
  • Learn about policy issues affecting academic dentistry.
  • Speak as an advocate with national policymakers.
  • Strengthen relationships within their institutions and nationwide.
  • Emerge with a plan for their careers.  

When are the ADEA Leadership Institute Phases?

  • Orientation :  March 13, 2020, at the 2020 ADEA Annual Session & Exhibition in National Harbor, MD.
  • Phase I Personal and Interpersonal Competencies for Leadership, June 23-27, 2020, Hotel Chaco, Albuquerque, NM.
  • Phase II Legislative Workshop, September 13-16, 2020, ADEA Headquarters, Washington, DC.
  • Phase III Administrative Competencies for Leadership, January 27-30, 2021, ADEA Headquarters, Washington, DC.
  • Phase IV Integration, March 12–16, 2021, at the 2021 ADEA Annual Session & Exhibition in Boston, MA.  

What is the cost of the ADEA Leadership Institute?

Tuition and fees for the 2020–21 ADEA Leadership Institute are $5,950.

Tuition and fees include: 

  • Resource books and other materials;
  • Speakers, consultants and moderators in all phases and all locations;
  • Group events such as receptions, selected meals, and registration for the ADEA Signature Series and Commencement at the ADEA Annual Session & Exhibition. 

The nominating institution agrees to pay the Fellow’s full salary and benefits during the fellowship year. The nominating institution is responsible for all travel and personal expenses associated with participation in the ADEA Leadership Institute, including airfare, ground transportation, lodging and some meals.

Three award programs are available through ADEA that provide assistance to a limited number of Fellows each year. (Award information will be updated shortly.)

Why should you apply to the ADEA Leadership Institute?

Fellows come to the ADEA Leadership Institute to prepare for expanded roles in their institutions and the profession. They emerge not only with knowledge and skills, but also greater self-understanding and personal vision for their careers. Academic dental institutions and their deans and program directors also benefit from mentoring outstanding dental educators and contributing to their growth.

Who is eligible for the ADEA Leadership Institute?

A person must be nominated to participate by his or her dean, program director or equivalent administrative leader at an ADEA Member Institution. A nominator may make up to two nominations annually. A nomination should clearly state a nominee’s leadership experience and potential for higher levels of administrative leadership in dental and higher education. The nominator should also indicate the specific ways in which he or she will support the fellow during the fellowship year.

A nominee must: 

  • Demonstrate leadership at his or her institution, in the community or through research. Evidence of leadership may include outstanding success in past and current positions.
  • Have a clear track record of increasing administrative responsibilities.
  • Have experience with responsibilities such as chairing committees, advising student groups or mentoring students and faculty.
  • Have experience with the development of local, regional or national faculty development workshops or community outreach programs.
  • Have a record of scholarly contributions to dental education through teaching or research.
  • Be an ADEA Individual Member. 

In addition, the nominee should provide the names of two professional colleagues who will submit letters of recommendation in support of his or her application.


Contact Mr. Eric Lund, ADEA Professional Development Manager, at 202-513-1188 or