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The ADEAGies Foundation offers unique opportunities to give back to academic dentistry, enable innovation and growth in the profession and to leave a lasting legacy. Supporting the Foundation will help ensure continued innovation in academic dentistry and oral health, and inspire new achievements and recognition within the oral health community.

The ADEAGies Foundation provides opportunities for dental educators and organizations in the dental education community to have a lasting impact across dental education. Through legacy gifts and annual contributions, donors can give back to the dental education profession, and with their generosity, help shape its future. Supporting leadership development will build stronger future generations of dental education leaders and funding innovative ideas and practices will enable them to be shared and applied throughout dental education for meaningful and enduring change.

Please consider supporting the ADEAGies Foundation as an individual, corporation or organization with a tax-deductible donation. 

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For more information, please contact Savannah John, Director of Development, ADEAGies Foundation at or at 202-962-9101.