2019 ADEA CCI Liaisons Summer Meeting

Dates: June 04-06, 2019
Venue: Hilton Portland Downtown
Location: Portland, OR

Online Registration is currently closed for this event.

ADEA CCI 2.0 Innovation Lab I: Leveraging the Power of Our Unified Determination

Download the 2019 ADEA CCI Liaisons Summer Meeting Agenda.PDF

For the past two years, ADEA Commission on Change and Innovation in Dental Education (ADEA CCI) Liaisons have been engaged in discussions regarding the future of dental education and its connection to overall health. 

As a community of learners, we now accept that “change is here.” We understand the five broad, global domains from which change is rapidly occurring and impacting our world. It is evident that faculty are the key to providing our students a relevant and rewarding future in dental education and that we, the ADEA CCI liaisons, are the critical influencers leading dental education’s transformation.

Our moment is here. Now is the time to leverage the power of our unified determination. Join us June 4–6, for the first-ever ADEA CCI 2.0 Innovation Lab at the 2019 ADEA CCI Liaisons Summer Meeting in Portland, OR. This summer, ADEA CCI Liaisons from several of our academic dental institutions will take center stage and lead our summer meeting by sharing new ideas and programs, failures and successes, effective practices and lessons learned. 

Presentations and workshops will focus on our three goal posts: person-centered care, future-ready graduates and transformative learning environments. Plus, a surprise is in store for attendees (and no, it’s not a string quartet)! 


Contact: Anthony Palatta