Theory and Best Practices

A Guide for Planning and Implementing Instruction for Adults
J. Dirkx and S. Prenger

A Self-Directed Journey
Sue Baptiste

Advances in Dental Research

Challenges of Teaching with Technology Across the Curriculum
L. Tomei

Clinical Instruction and Evaluation: A Teaching Resource
A. O'Connor

Collaborative Learning Techniques: a Handbook for College Faculty
E. Barkely, P. Cross, and C. Major

Curriculum Development for Medical Education: a Six-Step Approach
D. Kern

Effective Learning and Teaching in Medical, Dental, and Veterinary Education
Huttly, Sharon, John Sweet and Ian Taylor

Effective Teaching with Technology in Higher Education: Foundations for Success
A.W. Bates, G. Poole

Essentials of College and University Teaching: A Practical Guide
Boyle and Rothstein

It Works for Me! More Shared Tips for Effective Teaching
Hal Blythe and Charlie Sweet

It Works for Me! Shared Tips for Teaching
Hal Blythe and Charlie Sweet


Motivating Teaching in Higher Education: A Manual for Faculty Development
Edwin G. Ralph

National Institute for Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR)

Preparing Effective Essay Questions: a Self-Directed Workbook for Educators
Christian M. Reiner, Timothy W. Bothell, and Richard R. Sudweeks

Small Group Instruction in Higher Education
Edited by James L. Cooper, Pamela Robinson and David Ball

Teaching Support Services: Course Planning and Design

The Course Syllabus: a Learning-Centered Approach
J. Grunet

The Journal of Dental Research

Tools for Teaching
B. Davis

What the Best Colleges Teachers Do
Ken Bain

Where's the Evidence? Controversies in Modern Medicine
Silverman, W.A.