ADEA PASS Evaluators

ADEA PASS® (Postdoctoral Application Support Service) requires applicants to provide two types of evaluations in order to complete their application. Both the Professional Evaluation (PEF) and Institution Evaluation (IEF) will be managed through Letters by Liaison®, the new evaluation portal.

Username: Enter generic email address utilized by your institution for the IEF requests.
: Use the existing password or the “Forgot your Password” feature.


  • Also called the Dean’s Letter.
  • Written by the Dean or designee.
  • Collects the applicants’ grades and rank (if applicable), an evaluation of ethical behavior and remarks.
  • This evaluation is required and will be sent to all programs designated by the applicant.

If your dental school has recently had a change of dean or the designated contact for the Institution Evaluation Form, please email this information to


  • Also called an individual letter.
  • Written by individuals recommending the applicant; they are often faculty, mentors, colleagues or employers.
  • Collects an evaluation of and comments for ten attributes (integrity, professional demeanor, clinical skills, reaction to criticism, didactic knowledge, critical thinking, interpersonal skills, organizational skills, self-awareness and maturity) and remarks.
  • Three PEFs are required for every applicant with the choice to submit an additional two optional PEFs.
  • All PEFs will be sent to all programs designated by the applicant.
  • PEFs cannot be customized.



ADEA PASS Customer Service
Representatives are available Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ET, except federal holidays.
Phone: 617-612-2065