ADEA AADSAS Application Instructions

Professional Experience

This section allows applicants to report their experiences in lieu of a physical resume. Applicants should update their resumes for personal use. Applicants should record only experiences obtained during college.

Applicants should only list each experience in one category. The categories of information applicants can provide are:

  • Academic Enrichment Programs: Programs sponsored by colleges, universities or other not–for–profit organizations (e.g., Summer Medical and Dental Education Program [SMDEP]). More information can be found at
  • Awards, Honors, Scholarships (Limit of Five): College accomplishments are given priority by many admissions committees.
  • Dentistry Experience (Limit of 10): Applicants need to provide a brief description of the activity, enter the supervisor's title, including start and end dates, and indicate whether the position was paid, volunteer, job shadowing or other.  
  • Extracurricular/Volunteer/Community Service (Limit of 10)
  • Research Experience (Limit of Five): Formal research programs, including those sponsored by universities.
  • Work Experience (Including Military Service) (Limit of Five): Current military experiences should include anticipated discharge date and type of discharge.

Tip: Applicants are responsible for selecting up to three professional experiences per category to be displayed on the ADEA AADSAS application coversheet. All experiences will be displayed in the body of the application, regardless of selection.