ADEA AADSAS Application Instructions

Fee Assistance Program

The FAP was created for applicants who demonstrate an extreme need for financial assistance. Eligibility for the FAP is determined by reviewing the financial resources of the applicant, spouse and applicant's parent/guardian. All FAP applicants are required to meet minimum qualifications before applying. This is an independent program offered by ADEA and is not affiliated with any government, college or university, scholarship, grant or fellowship programs. A limited amount of ADEA AADSAS application fee assistance is available.

It is important to read all FAP policies and instructions carefully before completing the FAP application. The FAP becomes available on the first day of the ADEA AADSAS application cycle and continues until January or until all FAP funding is awarded.

Note: Applicants should not e-submit their ADEA AADSAS applications while a FAP decision is pending. Applicants that e-submit their applications will no longer qualify for FAP and their requests for fee assistance will automatically be denied.